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Loyalty Programs, Custom Applications, Easy Tracking & Audits: The One Card Solution Advantage

In an era where digital convenience is paramount, One Card Solution revolutionises how you manage loyalty programs, memberships, and payment solutions. Our platform is designed to focus on mobile accessibility, providing custom applications that effortlessly integrate with your existing in-house software. These bespoke apps enhance user experience and offer admin dashboards for simplified tracking and auditing. With One Card Solution, you gain a holistic, digitally-optimised approach that empowers you to take complete control of customer interactions, brand loyalty, and revenue streams. Experience the advantage of having loyalty programs, custom applications, and easy tracking and audits, all under one unified platform.

From Dialogue to Data: Your Journey with Us

Initiate, Innovate, and Illuminate with Tailored Smart Digital Solutions

Meet the Founder Asootosh Kkant: Driving innovative solutions since 2001

Asootosh Kkant is a seasoned entrepreneur celebrated for his unyielding commitment to innovation, spanning over two decades in the industry. He embodies the spirit of a proactive leader, dedicated to driving substantial change and cultivating collaborative relationships that transcend geographical boundaries.
At the helm of One Card Solution Pvt Limited, Asootosh spearheads cutting-edge solutions that redefine global transactional convenience while successfully delivering customer loyalty programs across India. His visionary approach to RFID-integrated applications positions him as a trailblazer who consistently pushes the boundaries of what's possible in technology-driven solutions.

Beyond the corporate arena, Asootosh's influence resonates on a global scale. He's an internationally recognized keynote speaker, igniting inspiration and action among diverse audiences worldwide. His best-selling authorship amplifies his reach, sharing invaluable insights that empower individuals to embrace innovation and collaboration as the core drivers of their success.
A crowning moment in Asootosh's illustrious career came at the World MSME Business Summit 2023, where his unwavering dedication was duly honored with the prestigious GLOBAL VISIONARY LEADER AWARD. This accolade solidified his position as a passionate advocate of progress, an unparalleled solutionist, and a dynamic catalyst for transformative change in the global business landscape.
Asootosh Kkant's pioneering spirit is best exemplified through his expertise in conceiving and delivering state-of-the-art smart card integrated solutions for cashless payments, particularly within the Indian market. For those seeking to harness the vast potential of strategic collaboration, Asootosh stands as a steadfast beacon of inspiration. His enduring legacy as a builder of trust, a visionary, and a fervent advocate for transformative solutions continues to inspire and shape the future of industry and innovation.

Distinctive Excellence in Smart Transactions

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Grassroots Impact

Empowering ground-level influencers, driving genuine brand advocacy and market penetration.


Seamless Payments

Offering versatile digital solutions, ensuring swift, secure, and streamlined transactions across platforms.


Loyalty Amplified

Crafting comprehensive membership programs, enhancing user experience and
brand loyalty.



Harnessing analytics to personalise, predict, and perfect every digital interaction and transaction.


Secure Solutions

Prioritising robust security protocols, ensuring trust and protection in every digital endeavour.



Innovating at the intersection of technology and user needs, always ahead in the digital curve.