Membership Programs


Comprehensive Management of Loyalty Schemes

In a world where customer loyalty is gold, effective membership programs are the treasure chests that safeguard this precious asset. Our Membership Programs are meticulously designed to offer institutions, clubs, and brands a comprehensive management solution for their loyalty schemes. We ensure a seamless and efficient user journey with features that streamline access, check-ins, and payment management. Moreover, our versatile access methods, ranging from wristbands to QR codes, ensure that every member interaction is smooth, quick, and secure.

Key Features of Our Membership Programs:

Versatile Access Methods:

Whether it's wristbands, smart cards, RFIDs, QR codes, or BarCodes, our platform supports various access tools.

In today's fast-paced world, quick and efficient access is paramount. Our diverse range of access methods ensures that members can interact with ease and speed, enhancing their overall experience.

Seamless Check-ins and Accesses:

With our platform, members can effortlessly check in and access the facilities or services they are entitled to.

Gone are the days of long queues and tedious check-in processes. Our platform ensures that members can swiftly access their benefits, leading to increased satisfaction.

Efficient Payment Management:

Members can easily manage their payments, upload transaction values, and keep track of their balances.

Financial management is a breeze with our platform. Whether making a payment, uploading transaction values, or simply checking balances, members can do it all easily.

Connectivity Flexibility:

Our platform is designed to work seamlessly both online and offline, ensuring uninterrupted service even in areas with limited internet connectivity.

In today's digital age, uninterrupted service is crucial. Our platform's ability to function online and offline ensures members can access their benefits anytime, anywhere.

Elevate Your Club Management Tenfold

  • Streamline Operations and Amplify Revenue
  • Utilise Intelligent Cards for Superior Management and Enhanced Experience
  • Revolutionise Operations While Boosting Revenue

Struggling with Club Management Challenges?

Overwhelmed by excessive paperwork?

Grappling with delayed member payments?

Grappling with delayed member payments?

Using multiple, disjointed software solutions?

Introducing ClubX: A Proprietary Club Management Software by One Card Solution

Discover ClubX, an award-winning club management software designed to elevate your club's operations to unparalleled heights. With ClubX, you can streamline membership management, area access control, gym and health centre subscriptions, and restaurant and bar payments. Our digital and cashless payment systems simplify transactions, while our robust solutions for room and hall bookings, human resource management, and inventory and accounting eliminate inefficiencies. Experience an all-encompassing platform that increases operational efficiency and plugs loopholes and delights members. Transform your club management experience with ClubX.

ClubX helps you streamline


Area Access Control
& Management

Gym & Health Center

Restaurant & Bar
Access & Payment

Digital Payment &
Cashless System

Rooms & Hall

Human Resource

Inventory, Accounting &
much more...

ClubX is trusted by 40+ reputed clubs, including


Our platform supports a diverse range of access methods, including wristbands, smart cards, RFIDs, QR codes, and bar codes.

We integrate advanced encryption and security measures, ensuring that all member data and transactions are protected and secure.

Yes, members can easily manage payments, upload transaction values, and view their balances on our platform.

Our system streamlines the check-in process, allowing members to access the facilities or services they are entitled to swiftly.

While our platform is intuitive, we offer comprehensive training and support for institutions and members to ensure smooth onboarding and usage.

Our platform is designed for seamless integration with various institutional systems, ensuring a cohesive membership management ecosystem.

We have a dedicated support team that addresses member feedback or concerns promptly and effectively.

Our platform is optimised for mobile devices, ensuring members can manage their accounts on the go.

Absolutely! Our platform provides comprehensive analytics, offering insights into member behavior, transaction patterns, and more.

We regularly update our platform to ensure compliance with the latest data protection regulations and standards.